• CES 2015: A No Gadget Report for Marketers & Brands


    Really? No gadgets? I know, I know. It’s the opposite of what you’d expect to hear about the 2015 International CES: a report with no run-down of the hottest gadgetry being promised to revolutionize your life this year. But with the show’s increasing focus on a broader array of content – including digital’s effect on […]

  • Top 2015 CES Products You Should Know About


    If you’ve ever attended the International CES, you know that the first question you get asked upon your return to co-workers, family and friends is always the same: “What’s the coolest gadget you saw?!?” For several years now, it’s been harder for attendees to point to one standout consumer electronics launch at the show for […]

  • Brands & Cross-Screen Consumption (at Nordic Media Summit)


    Like so many forms of media today, traditional television continues to experience a radical shift in format, monetization model and consumer expectations. Indeed, as many advertisers have begun to return to traditional network and cable programming exiting the Great Recession, they are finding that they are coming back to find a significantly different – more […]

  • The Future of Storytelling: FutureM 2014


    At this year’s FutureM, a conference dedicated to exploring the future of marketing, I convened a panel to talk about the future of storytelling. I was joined on the panel by representatives from a diverse set of perspectives including a brand, a public relations agency and an academic lecturer: Jenna Lebel, Director of Social Marketing […]

  • Why Editorial Calendars Make Your Content Suck (At SXSW Interactive)


    [UPDATE 11/20/14: I will be hosting a SXSW Interactive workshop on this topic in March 2015. For more information, visit SXSW’s website.] As brands have continued to become publishers, they have increasingly adopted a journalistic gold standard: the editorial calendar. But today, what was once a great organizer for community managers everywhere (and a great […]