• Google Glass & Brands: Top 5 Marketing Opportunities [Pt. 3/3]


    Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten your hands on and eyes behind a set of Google Glass. With further innovation from Google on the horizon when it comes to Glass, its form and its function, this marks a moment in time when marketers can consider how to leverage the emerging technology before the landscape is crowded. […]

  • HOW TO: Measure ROI for Experiential Marketing


    As technology infuses itself into live experiences, marketers are often left with a sea of meaningless metrics and data to sort through, searching for meaning. Not only can this dynamic paralyze the optimization of events, but it can also lead executives to question the value of the hefty investment they make in these experiences. On […]

  • Google Glass & Brands: Now, Next & Future [Pt. 2/3]


    Have you tried on Google Glass yet? If not, it’s worth tracking down a Google Glass Explorer (I’m one of them) to get a feel for the technology and its capabilities. Once you understand where it is today, you’ll be able to better appreciate where it’s going next and in the further off future after […]

  • Google Glass & Brands: Wearable Technology Landscape [Pt. 1/3]


    By now, you’ve probably seen the introductory videos, the sardonic skits and maybe even  them on the streets – but have you really considered what Google Glass means to your brand? This is the first post in a three-part series about Google Glass and wearable technology. This first post will provide an overview of the […]