Eaton Corporation

In a world experiencing an impressive rate of technological innovation inside and outside the enterprise, things change every day. Ironically, however, it seems that the harsh realities of being an IT professional haven’t changed at all: they’re isolated within their organizations, expected to be miracle workers, and are bound to spend endless nights and weekends at the office fiddling with underperforming technology. Eaton’s (NYSE: ETN) Power Quality division set out to prove to IT professionals that Things Have Changed through a breakthrough campaign that showed its industry that being B2B has nothing to do with being boring.

As the digital strategy lead on the Eaton Power Quality account, I set strategy and optimize execution of a campaign designed to generate and nurture leads that ultimately drove sales of Eaton’s products and solutions targeted to IT professionals. The tongue and cheek campaign gave a voice to the desk toys abandoned by their IT professional owners. We introduced first of a kind initiatives to the multi-billion dollar company, including formalized content marketing, lead nurturing, social media activation and online conversation monitoring and analysis. Our efforts successfully proved carefully measured results against key marketing objectives including usage, awareness and familiarity.