In the fast-paced, highly competitive Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) space, Subway reigns supreme. The brand is consistently rated at the top of beloved brands, has been recognized as the most talked about brand on Facebook and boasts the largest number of QSR restaurants globally. As the lead strategist on the account for one of Subway’s national agencies of record, I provide strategic, conceptual and measurement oversight across initiatives including upsell promotions, co-branded partnerships, social media, internal training, major digital platform builds and more.

Through the work of our agency team, Subway has achieved numerous marketing milestones. A strategic twist and break-through concept led to one of the most successful upsell promotions ever. A landmark, exclusive partnership with Disney and Subway Kids changed the face of the offering to families and moms. Internal training materials were overhauled to better resonate with the brand’s workforce, yielding measured increases in performance. Subway continues to be one of the most iconic brands of its time and to deliver a fresh take on marketing and promotions that keep its customers coming back for more.